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How It Works

The first step of our process is to create your profile - this should not take you more than 15 minutes - and don’t worry no one but our matchmakers see your profile. Once the profile is complete, and you’ve booked an appointment to speak to our matchmaker, you’ll be asked to pay the $50 registration fee. All our clients are interviewed over the phone by one of our matchmakers. Choose your membership level to determine the level of service you’ll receive.


Complete a basic profile and join the Matchbox family with our basic membership of $50.

Book An Appointment

Talk to our matchmaker so they can get to know you better and understand what you’re looking for.

Choose Your Service

Choose the services that fit your needs.

Sit back and relax

From the moment you select a service above the basic level, our matchmakers begin exploring potential matches for you.

One-to-One introduction

Having gotten to know you, our matchmakers conduct weekly searches and explore compatibility based on a whole range of factors such as approach to religion, geography, professional achievement, education, personality and physical attributes.


Your $50 registration fee will automatically enroll you onto our basic package. Once our matchmaker has interviewed you, your profile becomes active in our database. Our Matchmakers conduct weekly searches of our database. As a basic member, we don’t conduct searches for you, but if you come up as a match for any client, our matchmakers will reach out to you. If you choose to pursue a match suggested you can upgrade to the Premium membership any time you like.

Pricing: $50


Matchmakers conduct weekly searches of our database to find you the right match. Matchmakers ensure compatibility on demographics, religion, personality, finances, values and much more. Once a match is found, we contact you with the matches’ basic details. If you both like what you hear we exchange your photos and if you choose to proceed we introduce you to your potential matches. Membership last until you reach 1 introduction or 5 declines (whichever comes first).

Pricing: $250


Designed for clients that may have more specific requirements from a partner. Whether you’re limited by geographical location, age, religious practice or something else - this option is for you. Matchmakers not only look inside of our database for your potential match, but we explore far and wide, going through community networks, religious and secular organizations, networks and affiliates to headhunt the right match for you.

Pricing: $500

One-to-One Membership Levels

Basic ($50) Premium ($250) Platinum ($500)
Interview by matchmaker
Profile searchable by matchmakers as a potential match
Matchmaker conducts searches in Matchbox database on your behalf
Matches based on compatibility indicators
Matchmaker conducts confidential searches through external networks across the geographical region you’re interested in
Potential matches headhunted and on-boarded as Matchbox clients where matched with you
Information relevant to the match shared with both parties (without disclosing name/contact details)
Matchmaker answers any questions you may have of the potential match
Allowance to decline up to 5 compatible matches found specifically for you
Receive unlimited potential compatible matches
Be introduced where both parties are willing to move forward
Monthly updates issued on profile activity
Monthly account’s financial summary issued
Recieve 5 potential compatible matches
Recieve 2 potential compatible matches
Select Service Select Service Select Service