Q1. How long will it take to submit profile?

1 to 2 mins

Q2. Do I have to book an appointment after profile?

Yes, because everyone has a phone interview with a Matchmaker so we can match you properly.

Q3. How private is it?

All our profiles remain off line and only the Matchbox team have access to them.

Q4. How much does it cost?

Registration costs $75 - regardless of the service you select. Basic is free. Premium is $300. Premium + is $500.

Q5. Can I pay when I find a match instead of before?

If you're a basic client, then you can pay once you are identified in a search for somoene else and choose to be introduced. If you would like us to proactively search then you have to pay in advance.

Q6. what if it doesn’t work?

Although we do our best to match you with the most compatible person, we cannot guarantee the match will work. If it doesn’t work and you wish to resume your search with us then if you’re a Premium client you will need to submit another payment of $300. If you’re a Platinum client, we will resume your search with the retainer you had remaining.

Q7. Can you give me a selection of people to consider at once?

No, we only suggest one match at a time in order to be as fair as possible to the match being suggested and to yourself.

Q8. Is there a time limit to my membership?

No, we keep looking till you’re introduced to someone or you've declined 5 matchs (if a Premium client) or until your retainer runs out if you’re a Platinum client.

Q9. What happens if I pay for the service and then find someone myself?

None of our fees are refundable

Q10. Can I submit profiles for someone else?

Yes you can, but they have to agree, and be available for the interview. If they do not wish to get married, or use our service, then we will have to remove their profile from our database.

Q11. How do you decide compatibility?

We apply your partner preferences, as well as our own results from in-person interview with yourself and someone else and match you on age, ethnicity, geographical location, personality, religious practice, educational and professional attainment, approach to relationships and physical appearance.

Q12. Where is your database from:

Around 49% of our database are from Canada - mainly from Ontario and the second largest proportion is from Alberta, then a scattering through out Canada. Around 49% of our database are from the US - all over. 1% are from the UK and Australia and the other 1% from all over the world.

Q13. How soon can you find me a match:

We make absolutely no guarantees about this. Some matches are made immediately when we speak to you, others may take weeks and on rare occasions even months - it all depends on what you’re looking for and whether the kind of person you’re looking for is also looking for you. Our Matchmakers will advise you when you speak with them.