Coaching & Counselling

Personal Coaching

We offer personal coaching services designed to identify and break through any obstacles that are holding you back from finding the right person for you. Your personal coach will work with you to identify and re-conceptualize (and where necessary, break through) any barriers that may be standing in your way. Subject to what you need, we can also work on strategies of communication, presenting yourself, identifying priorities in your search, exploring genuine compatibility and more. Bring your own concerns or work with your coach to identify any issues there may be.

Find comfort in knowing that you’re doing all you can, so that your search ends here


Pre-marital Counselling for couples

Matchbox is pleased to be able to offer you pre-marital counselling with a relationship counsellor as well as both Sunni and Shia scholars.

Firstly, congratulations on having found your future spouse. Matchbox pre-marital sessions help couples ensure they have had all the ‘right’ conversations with one another. When you find ‘the one’ it can sometimes be hard to ensure you don’t just like one another, but that you’ve also moving in the same direction on all the major issues that marriage may bring up.

Our counsellors are here to help you and your future spouse ensure you’re on the same page, and are both aware of, and ok with the expectations you have of one another. At Matchbox we don’t bring you together, we’re committed to helping you stay together.


Service 1

One-on-one counselling

Service 2

Pre-marital counselling

Service 3

Religious counselling sessions with Sunni and/or Shia scholars

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