Matchbox events take the pressure out of finding a spouse.

They are entertaining fun and relaxed.

Matchbox is going virtual - It’s traditional Matrimonial events with a virtual twist! Matchbox’s virtual events allow you to build connections over real-time video chats, so you can get to know people from the comfort of your home in an organic way! Each participant gets to meet up to 12 - 20 singles on a set of 4-5 minute sessions.

Love Locked Down Event

Matchbox is offering an exciting and innovative way to meet others just like yourself all in an environment suitably yours. The perfect opportunity to have an evening in a maximizing the number of potential matches you meet all while being your relaxed best from the comfort of your home.

Imagine meeting as many as 20 matches in an hour or two! Kicking off the first of its kind, the “LLD” (Love Locked Down) Event puts a great spin on interactive social encounters from the safety of your home! All attendees will be able to meet virtually, ensuring quick on screen interactions lasting five minutes! You have the option to meet people in Canada and/or the United States, should you choose! It’s quick, easy and oh so breezy! The event spans over an hour, allowing you to explore maximum potential with minimum pressure!

  • Event Pricing: $25 after Discount
  • Event Details: 20 couples for each event

NOTE: This event is not like our one-on-one services. It is not pre-matched and there are no matchmakers involved. This event is ideal for single Muslims who want to meet organically while keeping in our philosophy of offering a safe and comfortable environment.

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